Our purpose

"We want to use our skills and the law to ensure justice. That is why we often stand side by side with citizens against the state and public authorities. We believe that we in that exact position can make a difference."

- Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja

We are driven by a desire to secure everyone's rights. We believe that established perceptions of the law must be challenged, and that this ensures equality and the right balance.

In our work, we have a fundamental belief that everyone has rights. Rights - which must be looked after and protected. We are lawyers with great commitment and extensive procedural experience, and we always take a rights-based approach to a case. We are used to dealing with complex legal issues and making them understandable both in court and for you.

We assist in cases where human rights issues are at stake and where fundamental rights are at the very core. We often assist in cases where public authorities are involved, and we therefore have extensive experience in appearing before Danish courts, the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice

We are deeply involved in your case from start to finish, and we work thoroughly and closely with you to solve your problem. Through our many years of experience, we quickly have a good feel for how we can strengthen your case in the best possible way.

Meet us

Attorney at law Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja

Eddie Omar Rosenberg Khawaja
Attorney at law

Eddie has a background from the Danish Institute for Human Rights, the Ministry of Justice and the Director of Public Prosecution which provides a unique basis to assist in complex cases within the fields of criminal law, immigration law, human rights and EU law. He has many years of experience in litigation before the District Courts, High Courts, and the Supreme Court of Denmark, and also on an ongoing basis litigate before the European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice.

Assistant attorney Petra Alexandra Fokdal

Petra Alexandra Fokdal
Assitant attorney

Petra is a graduate from the University of Copenhagen where her main focus was on issues relating to the European Convention on Human Rights. She has held positions as a student assistant in the Danish Courts, the Ministry of Justice and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. She also volunteers as a legal counselor at Copenhagen Legal Aid. Her experince, knowledge and interest in cases linked to fundamental human rights and in cases related to discrimination on any grounds provides you with the best representation possible.

What we do

Your rights

Our expertise

Areas of law

- Immigration Law

- Criminal Law

- EU Law & Human Rights

- Citizenship

- Work permits


Your Rights

We assist you and ensure that your rights are being recognized.

We do not assist in all cases, and we only choose to assist in cases where we are convinced that we can make a difference. We work creatively with the law, for us it is a tool to be used to ensure that your rights upheld.

We have full focus on you and your case from the beginning to the end - and we are honest. If we don't think that your case can be won, or that you can achieve the result that you seek - we will tell you so, and we will not charge a fee for that initial assessment.

We also believe that is unethical that you are charged for legal assistance that is not necessary. We will therefore also assess and inform you if you do not need a lawyer for your case.

If you however cannot afford to pay for our assistance in a case where we believe that our expertise can make a big difference for you, we will do whatever we can to assist you without charging anything. You can read more about our pro bono assistance here!

You are welcome to write to us for a fully non-binding assessment of your casae.

Our Expertise

We hold many years of experience in assisting in cases before Danish and international courts for individueal whose rights have been denied by authorities.

We often assist in cases where the aim is to challenge a restrictive interpretations of human rights, to clarify the scope of human rights, or to develop and expand the rights by getting Danish and internationl courts to assess questions of general interest.

We handle cases before all courts in Denmark, i.e. both the district courts, high court and the Supreme Court, and we on a regular basis bring cases before the European Court of Human Rights. We have also often assist in cases submitted to and pending before the European Court of Justice.

In all the legal areas where we assist, human rights are central to us. We believe that these rights are esssential and relevant to provide you with the right outcome. This is often the case in immigration law cases and in the criminal cases we assist in.

We have special knowledge within the area of immigration law, which is characterized by a very complex regulation that is constantly changing. We advise in complex cases that are linked to obtaining temporary or permanent residence in Denmark, in withdrawal and loss cases, and also in complex cases linked to the various schemes for work permits.

We also have expertise in the area of residence permits that are linked to EU law - and we advise both on the rules linked to free movement of persons, labor and services.

We have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of criminal cases concerning foreign nationals, where we, among other things, are leading experts in deportation matters.

Finally, we have expert knowledge in all rules regarding the acquisition, loss and deprivation of Danish citizenship.

We assist individuals, NGOs and companies in all our areas of expertise.

Send us a messsage for a free and non-binding discussion on how we can assist you.

Immigration Law

The field of immigration law is complex. Not complying with the rules can result in serious consquences. It can lead to the withdrawal of a residence or work permit, deportation with an entry ban and heavy fines. It is therefore very important to receive the right advice on the rules, practice, application procedure etc. We have extensive expertise in the area and many years of experience with all parts of immigration law.

We provide advice in matters of:

Visa, asylum, spousal family reunification, other family reunification, work-related residence permits, student residence permits, au-pair residence permits, permanent residence permit, withdrawal and loss as well as extension of permits.

In cases related to work permits, we assist both employers and employees (read more here).

We also assist with cases related to obtaining EU residence permits before the Agency for International Recruitment and Integration, and have expertise in dealing with complicated cases on free movement, and cases linked to derived rights under the EU treaties. (read more here).

We also assist with all cases related to complaints over refusal of residence permits etc., which are normally brought before the Immigration Appeals Board.

We finally have extensive experience with all aspects of obtaining and upholding Danish citizenship and assist in this connection with complex applications to the Ministry of Integration.

Send us a message for a free and non-binding assesment of the options in your case.

Criminal Law

We assist you in all phases of your criminal case. We can act as your appointed defence counsel for you before all Danish courts - the district courts, high courts and Supreme Court. We provide assistance in all types of criminal cases. This applies to everything from traffic violations to serious charges and indictments in cases linked to violence, gun related offenses, narcotics and murder.

Our experience is gathered both from many years of defense work, but also work experience from the the police and prosecution services.

We also have special expertise in criminal cases involving, among other things, illegal work, deportation , extradition and on the transfer to serve a sentence in Denmark. We also have extensive experience in offering assistance in cases on deprivation of liberty where the purpose is deportation, and administratively deprivation of liberty.

We are finally consider one of the leading law firms to handle criminal cases where expulsion from Denmark is at stake.

It is a fundamental principle that you have the right to choose exactly the defence counsel, you want, also regardless of whether you have already been assigned a specific defender by the court. If you want to switch counsel - this does not imply additional legal fees for you.

EU Law & Human Rights

When we provide our assistance, we always pay special attention to question related to human rights, such as the right to life, the prohibition of torture, the right to private and family life and the right to equal treatment and non-discrimination.

In both national and international complaints, we therefore often utilise international conventions such as The European Convention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on Civil and Political Rights, the Refugee Convention, the UN concention the right of the cild and the UN Disability Convention. We also assess many immigration law cases in light of The EU citizenship directive and the provisions of the EU treaties on the free movement of persons and labour etc.

We have experience in handling complaints before international bodies such as the European Court of Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Committee, and we often assistance in cases related to preliminary references to the European Court of Justice.

We also have experience in uncovering human rights violations in international contexts, where we have provided assistance to Julian Assange's Defense Fund and Wikileaks, the Open Society Foundations, the European Roma Right Centre and the Syrian Archive.

Work permits

We have many corporate clients and extensive experience in providing advice to employers who want to employ foreign workers in Denmark. There are several ways to obtain a residence and work permit for an employee, e.g.under the schemes for jobs within the positive list, for highly paid employees under the pay limit scheme and for highly trained researchers, etc.

We also have in-depth knowledge of rights related to the Agreement establishing an association between the European Economic Community and Turkey, which gives rise to ongoing interpretation of restrictions established in the field of immigration law.

It is important both for you as a company and for your employees that the right solution is choosen. We advise on all relevant options and uncover the right approach in collaboration with you.

Write to us for a non-binding assessment, in order for you to decide which scheme fits your needs the best.


We provide advice in all aspects of matters concerning to the acquisition, preservation, loss and deprivation of Danish citizenship.

The rules are complex, difficult to understand and change frequently. We can provide advice on all current rules and requirements that you have to meet. We also on a regular basis litigate cases before the courts where citizenship has been denied or lost.

We are also one of the few law firms in Denmark which has assisted and assists in cases of administrative deprivation of citizenship.

Areas of law

We provide advice in all areas of law when a case raises questions related to fundamental rights.

In addition, we provide advise particularly in the following areas of law:


We assist in many cases that raise issues of general interest. You can read more about these cases here, and you can also read about legal issues, we find important.

If you have a case which raises the same questions, please contact us in order for us to discuss, what we can do for you.

Fees & Pro bono work


Our hourly rate is set on a case by case basis. We do however normally charge DKK 2,400 per hour (DKK 3,000 incl. VAT).

The fee is calculated on the basis of the time spent on a case and the complexity of the issue at stake. This hourly rate applies to assistance to private individuals within most of the areas we assist.

In some cases, it is possible to have a lawyer appointed, in that case our fees are determined by the court according to current rates (read more about the possibility of having a lawyer appointed here). The hourly rate in cases where we are appointed (i.e. almost all criminal cases) is regulated annually and can be found here.

In cases where we appointed counsel for, you will not be charged legal fees from us. However, in criminal proceedings if you are found guilty the police will request that you cover the final costs which the court has set for our assistance.

Note, that our hourly rate for assistance to business clients and to private individuals in special areas, will be agreed upon on an individual basis.

Contact us to here more about our fees.

Time consumption

The final fee in your case depends on how much time is spent on the case. This can vary greatly depending on the nature of the case, the complexity and the specific circumstances.

Here is what our experience in general is in cases within i.e. the area of immigration law:

           Application for spousal reunification: 6-8 hours
           Application for a permanent residence permit: 6-10 hours
           Application for residence and work permits: 4-6 hours
           Complaint about rejection in the mentioned cases: 4-10 hours
           Extension of residence permits: 4-6 hours
           Complaint about withdrawal of a residence permit or dispensation for lapse: 6-10 hours

Legal aid

Cases that are brought before the courts may be covered by your family insurance. They can also be covered by you obtaining free legal aid.

We can help you to uncover the options and handle relevant applications to your insurance company or Civil Affairs Agency and the Permissions Appeals Board. If you are granted legal aid, you do not in general need to worry about the legal costs.

You can obtain free legal aid if your annual income is below approx. DKK 360,000, or if your case is one which raises questions of general interest.

You can read more about access to free legal aid at the Civil Affairs Agency.

Contact us to hear more about your options.

Appointed counsel

In some cases, you have the right to have a lawyer appointed by the courts.

In these cases the state covers all costs of the case. This is the case in most criminal cases.

If you are subsequently acquitted, the state will pay all expenses. However, if you are found guilty, the police will request you to pay the legal fees linked to your case.

You can read more about specific costs in criminal cases here.

Contact us to hear more about your options.

Pro bono

We find some cases so important, that they in our view have to be pursuit. We do not believe that the lack of financial options in such cases should be decisive.

We therefore on an ongoing basis select cases where we assist, regardless of whether the client can cover legal costs for our work.

These cases are often cases that are important not only to you, but to many citizens, or it is a case that has a great impact on your life.

This is mostly cases where you challenge decisions or activities from a central authority or a municipality.

Contact us if you have an important case, and want to here more about our pro bono work.

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